Brad doesn't have much of a life because he spends all his time sitting in front of a screen or sticking bits of wire into little black blinking boxes..  ..still he seems happy enough

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.......lovechild to Laurie Anderson and David Byrne/Brad/was found abandoned in a guitar case as a baby outside the National Gallery in Canberra/.....was .raised by gallery staff/ lulled to sleep under Van Gogh's "Starry Night".........with no formal schooling Brad .... Brad believed that the outside world existed mostly in silence except for short sporadic whispers .....ooos from groups of children....his first words were " my child of five could do better..".......for years Brad didn't say a word.....but groaned or farted.....occasionally whispering "show me the me the Monet..."this was the real world for Brad....only ever aware of art /never laying eyes on Ken Done....the gallery staff took such a liking to Brad that they made him their mascot and refused to report him to the authorities/ covering up periods of eternal crying as a new sound scape about the urgency for the primal scream in a post industrial landscape...or that some had punctured Piero Manzoni's can of artists shit again when someone complained about the strange smell emanating through the gallery corridors...
.....and so began a life in the shadows....

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