C. D. BiTs.
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Your Body
HHammer my Head

Ticot 1

Gig ShoTs



1 The Hitter ( rock ) s
2 Hammer my Head ( pop urb ) s
3 Rockin The Beat (the Wire Never Sleeps Mix) (e&d ) s
4 Trouble ( rock ) s
5 Funky For You (e&d urb ) s
6 Your Body (e&d pop ) s
7 Ton Corps (e&d pop rock ) s
8 Tenuous Strings ( pop rock urb cult) s
9 vain ( rock ) s
10 footsteps in the dark (voidmix) (e&d ) s

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 myleft voice in top ten!!!!!!!!

...YEP!......some one out there likes us........recently Myleft voice had four songs at once in the top ten at internet site download music.......and perhaps if it wasn't for a technical hitch which saw them crash from the net for a few days and lose important data like...who is Myleft voice?....what sort of music do they produce??
...that kinda thing.....they just might still be kickin' ass........but all isn't that bad...its the digital age ....not even a digital jesus can claim there was a little hiccup..the baby has been burped and the growth goes on.....seriously....thanks to everyone at
download to anyone and every one who took the time to listen and download some of our songs.......when last we looked
Tenuous Strings had actually crept back to take out the number two spot....

For a great overview of just what's happening over in the land of Oz.....check out

and if you'd like a free Mp3 of "Tenuous Strings"...for a limited time only click HERE!!!! and keep us in the top ten!!!!!!!!!!




Melbourne Dj PhilHarmonic is about to lock himself away in the dim light of his studio to tweak and philter a dance remix of Myleft Voice's "Your Body"......with two mixes ready and PhilHarmonics funky dunky head stoppin' ass boppin' mix to boot ....this promises to be one hell of a single.......

PhilHarmonic is a resident Dj at Melbourne club " Three Faces" which used to be Brad's favorite club when he lived in fact he lived just around the corner.....(.."Hi Miss Candy......Is Victoria Bitter still around??....mmmm)....PhilHarmonic promises a new flavour to ensure more bodies get off on Your Body........."
what about on mine???????"....ticot