myleft voice have recorded and mastered their first single...All Americans are good /Your present myleft voice are seeking a distribution deal.....until then home toasted Cds shall soon be made available...expressions of interest can be emailed to Ticot below....

.....born with the voice of an angel, ticot sings before she can talk......her range spans ten octaves and can only be heard by certain animals. From the moment she opens her mouth and makes a sonorous scream, her voice is her vocation.
Hidden away from the rest of the world, ticot is sent to a nunnery far away in a small village just outside of parramatta, where a group of nuns foster her talent and shield her extraordinary beauty.
Deprived of any contact with the outside world.......Ticot has absolutelly no concept of what she looks like...the nuns forbid the use of mirrors and Ticot has no toys
receiving a vatican decree to sing before the pontiff
..ticot is escorted by the holy sisters to Rome.....while shopping in Prada for a nice new outfit for her great aural debut...a sudden cry breaks the tumult of the piazza...
" Mama mama mama la barbie.."
 ....pandemonium ensues .....the piazza erupts into a horde of autograph hunters seeking a moment with Barbie....the nuns are forced to explain to Ticot of just who barbie is....
...struck by her own image ticot  takes control of her



Cd inFo

YouR BodY

HisTorY LivE bRaD


disCuSs NeWs

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